Marian Kadlec

freelance graphic designer, web designer, husband, Martinek's daddy, fool obsessed with minimalism, Apple user, think different!

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Graphic design in any form has one thing in common...beginning.

Empty space, clean white paper, or a white box in a graphics application all present endless possibilities to me.The challenge is to be an individual, whether it's the graphic design of websites, mobile applications, logos, or print media, among others. Design must make sense. It must be timeless, and unique.

I transform ideas into reality. Using my client's ideas as inspiration, I put my vision into web and print design.

Do not ask to see my CV, I do not have one. My work speaks for itself. Do not ask about my experience, I never stop collecting them.

Mac has been my passion since childhood, it is reliable, different, individual, stylish, and perfect. I first scribbled in Illustrator at 9 years old. I don't know why, but this child's play changed my perception and means of expression.

Today's Mac and Adobe Creative Cloud are the tools of my expression. Through these tools, I create, I learn, I push my boundaries.

Marian Kadlec

+420 734 634 566 - iMessage, FaceTime

Komenskeho namesti 389, 261 01 Pribram III

Czech republic

czech version

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